My grandfather ran a Japanese archery dojo, and I was deeply interested in the martial arts since I was quite young. I was also quite interested in traditional Japanese culture and believed that it was my mission to spread the wonderful culture of Japan to the world. I began working at Hokkaido Television Broadcasting and, after leaving that position, worked at a marketing company until 2010 when I established Marketing Haus. We mainly deal in the spreading of information concerning Japanese products through the media and in the sales of those products. We have dealt in a large number of products in the past and have delighted many foreign customers.


I’ve been doing Iaido for 10 years and I’ve been always interested in Japanese Martial Arts (Budo) since I was a child. It is my pleasure to sell Art swords because they are part of Japanese culture. I’m proud of being Japanese. I would like to spread “Japanese Art Swords” and other Japanese cultures over the world through Art Sword Japan.


I have a deep interest Japanese tradition and craftsmanship. Japanese products have a great reputation not only in Japan but in foreign countries as well, and I can take pride in marketing these items. It makes me quite happy to see foreign customers accept these products and be delighted by them. I hope to continue presenting the wonderful products of Japan to the rest of the world.