Prices were calculated incorrectly

There were pricing mistakes on some sale products.
Some products have less reduction in price. We apologize for the mistakes.

Due to the system error, we have made changes as follows.
・We have edited the sale products which had incorrect prices to 40% off.
・We have refunded the balance to customers who ordered the sale products which had incorrect prices.


Below is the correct information after the change.
・Sale period is extended for 2 days.
・Prime week sale products are 40% OFF.
・Non-Prime week sale products are 30% OFF. (Excluding some products)

The sale end date is changed from July 18th to July 20th.
We have been receiving lot of order from our customers, so we will improve the quality of customer service.

Thank you for visiting at Art Sword Japan.


Art Sword Japan
CEO Yasuaki Fujiwara

Prime Week Sale

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