Special Offer

Special offer of today.
High-Quality Art sword – Onino hocho (鬼之包) / kijinmaru kunishige (鬼神丸国重)
*Unsharpened Sword

The sword is kept in our warehouse now because we ordered our swordsmith by mistake when we received an order at our Amazon shop, Art Swort Japan Amazon(USA)
It is a surplus product.

We will offer the sword at special price. It is finished on June 15th, 2017.

Sword length: 106cm, Blade length: 74cm, Total weight: 1055g, Weight without Saya: 830g
Authentic Samegawa(Shark side) is used for the Tsuka.

Kijinmaru Kunishige(鬼神丸国重) is the name of the swordsmith in Edo period.
The Onikanagu decoration – “Oni no Hocho” is well-known as the sword of Samurai of Bakumatsu (End of Edo period), Shinsengumi,  Saitō Hajime.


We will offer a sword stand (for one sword) below for free.

This special offer is only 1 stock.

The regular price is 1136 USD but we will offer 620 USD.

*Coupon cannot be used for this product.
*We accept PayPal only.


[ Special price ] Onino hocho kijinmaru

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