Stopped by the customs

We thank you for joining our opening promotion!

Hello, I am Yasu, CEO from Art Sword Japan.
I am going to talk about our recent activities.

We really thank you all for joining the opening promotion event last month!
After the pre-opening on May 17th and grand opening on June 1st, it has been 2 months already.
We launched the sales promotion campaign because we wanted many customers to know the quality of Japanese art swords we sell and more than 300 customers have joined.
We are surprised that our promotion has had such amazing feedback so far.


Japanese Swords from “Art Sword Japan” are guaranteed high-quality.

Japanese swords we sell are one of the most high-quality swords in Japan.

Produced by artisans who restore genuine Japanese swords, who work with the grips, scabbard and metal ornaments of incredibly valuable and important swords off a national treasure level that are to be stored in art museums etc.

In addition to the blade, all materials and the production process itself are all the same as those used for genuine Japanese swords.



There was an accident.


Strict Japanese customs

We received a phone call from Japanese customs in late June when we were having a rush of orders.

Our Japanese art swords were stopped at the customs because they need to examined before customs decides whether or not they approve to shipping.
It was surprising.

All our swords are replica and they cannot cut.
Prior permission is unnecessary for replica swords to sell and ship internationally.
There were more than 100 replica swords at the customs, so we had to explain all the details to them such as manufacturing process, materials, information about craftsmen etc.



Finally cleared the customs

After the careful discussion, all the swords finally cleared the customs.

They said the replica Japanese swords and authentic Japanese swords could not be distinguished easily.
That makes sense because they are produced by the same artisans who produce genuine Japanese swords.

Well, we apologize for having you wait so long.
The swords will be shipped tomorrow.

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